Growing Lilies in Iowa and neighboring states since 1973

IRLS Lily Symposium

We have several topics and speakers in mind who will share their lily knowledge, and
other garden related topics.
More knowledge is a good thing.


Lily Bulb Exchange

Dividing and exchanging lily bulbs has long been an IRLS tradition. If you divide your lilies this fall you can bring bulbs to meetings for exchange with other members!

IRLS Lily Bulb Sale

We hope the new website will be up and running in time for the Fall Bulb Sale. If it is then members will be notified by email of the lilies you can purchase and how to order.

2021 Lily Show

The IRLS hosts an annual lily show for participants to display and compete for the best lilies in a variety of competitive categories, with winners receiving ribbons. See pg 3-4 on the newsletter for results.

Here are some of the amazing Opportunities we have available:

Annual June Lily Show

Annual Spring and Fall Lily Bulb Sales

Educational Meetings, Newsletters, Seminars

Photo library,
lily garden bus tours

The IRLS Spring Lily Bulb Sale is coming to the Iowa Home Expo March 10th to the 12th. It will be held in the Jacobson Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, a new location this year. There will not be any advance orders taken. The sale terms are “first come first served.”


Shoppers can save money with our “a la carte” pricing. You can purchase one of each bulb for maximum variety in a small space. That’s smart gardening! Our individually wrapped choice lily bulbs are meticulously grown by some of the best growers in the world! Shop early for best selection. Prices start at only $3.00!