lily show

lily show




The annual Iowa Regional Lily Society (IRLS) Lily Show has been held at Reiman Gardens the last weekend in June for the past several years.  The beautiful lilies are a feast for the senses as the fragrance from so many gorgeous lilies wafts down the display hallway, all the way to the entrance.  Typically, more than 100 lily stems and a dozen floral designs are displayed at the show.  

The day starts early with the cleaning and preparing of the lily stems and the assembly of the floral designs.  Judging of the entries takes place from about 10 am to noon and then the show is open to the public for the rest of the afternoon.  The award winning lilies are placed at the head table for everyone to see and appreciate. 

When it’s time to clean up, lucky visitors who are still at Reiman Gardens may go home with armloads of flowers. Often the flowers are shared with the nursing homes in the area.

Lily Show Rules

  • Any Lily grower may enter stems in the show. If a person who is not a member of IRLS wins a major award, a one-year
    membership and five Lily bulbs will be awarded instead of the Perpetual Award.
  • Each exhibitor is responsible for placing his or her entries in a separate container, attach a completed entry tag and
    place the entry on the classification table. The Classification Committee will assist exhibitors, if needed, in naming
    their Lilies and determining the section in which they should be entered.
  • The Classification Chairman has the right to reassign entries that have been incorrectly entered. The Classification
    Committee will place all valid exhibits on the show tables.
  • Entries are the property of the exhibitor. Anthers and pollen may be removed only by the exhibitor or with his or her
    written consent.
  • At the close of the show the Lily stems may be sold to help cover expenses. If the exhibitor does not want his or her
    exhibit sold, he/she may remove them on Saturday when the Lily Show closes. All entries are to stay in place until that
  • The decisions of the Show Committee will be final if there should be any disagreement about interpretation of these
    show rules, or any other matter not covered by them.

Division I: Horticulture
For exhibiting Lily Stems


  • Only TRUE Lilies may be entered.
  • All Lilies exhibited in competition must have been grown outdoors without protection and under the personal supervision of the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors may enter more than one entry in a class, provided that each entry is different, except in those classes consisting of only one cultivar. Entries in dual names are permitted but
    no duplicate entries from the same garden.
  • Entries with major abnormalities will be set aside and not judged.
  • Anthers may be removed, but it is preferable to leave them on. Where competing stems are otherwise equal in quality, removal of anthers would require some penalty in scoring. Except Hybridizers will not be penalized for removing pollen.
  • The official North American Lily Society scale of points will be used to evaluate exhibits in
    competitive horticulture classes.
  •  One 1st, one 2nd, one 3rd, and one (or more) Honorable Mention ribbons may be awarded in
    each class where merited. Only exhibits receiving Blue Ribbons will be eligible for special
    awards. The “Best in Show” and “Best in Show Runner-up” awards must score 90 points by the
    Official NALS Scale. They may be part of a multiple exhibit (section F) scoring 90 points.
  • Only Accredited Judges are to select the “Best in Show” and “Best in Show Runner-up”
    awards. But all those judging the show may be present during this selection.
  •  In judging Section F (three stems of a clone, strain or species), each individual stem must
    score 90 or more points for the collection to win First Place.
  • Judges may not judge sections in which they have exhibits.
  • Any exhibit of unusual merit, not provided for in the schedule, may be given a special
    commendation if the judges so desire.
  •  A decision by the judges is final and may be changed only if all judges concerned are present.
    (preferably before the show opens)

Division II:  Artistic Designs


  • Design must be in place the morning of the Show by 10:00 am.
  • Space for exhibits, in all classes, may not exceed 24 inches in width or depth.
  • Exhibitors may make only one entry in a class.
  • A Lily or Lilies must be in all exhibits.
  • Designers choice of other plant material (fresh or dried) may be used in the design.
    Accessories may be used.
  • No Artificial flowers or foliage may be used.
  • No Iowa Conservation material (Noxious weeds) may be used.
  • Judging will be by the Standard System. Judges decisions are final. The Handbook for Flower
    Shows, 1997 Edition, Revision 2007 will be reference for judging designs.The property of the exhibitor should be inconspicuously marked with the owners name and
    address. All reasonable care will be taken, but the Show Committee will not be responsible for
    loss or breakage.



  • Limit of two (2) photographs per class, per exhibitor
  • Photos must have been taken by the exhibitor.
  • All photos must prominently feature ‘true’ lilies (genus lilium).
  • Photos can not have been entered in a previous IRLS Photography class.
  • Judging will be by ballots cast by Lily Show visitors.
  • All photos must be 8”x 10” or 8 1/2” x 11” and must be mounted on 1/8” to 1/4” thick
    cardboard, poster board, or foam board the same size as the photo.  IRLS will provide holders.
  • All photos must contain the following printed information:
    Name, address, phone number and name of lily if known.
  • Photos need to be picked up at the end of the show.