bulb sale

bulb sale


  • Descriptions

  • Bud Light – OT, 50 inches. Huge, Pure white flowers have bright yellow flames, no leaf scorch. Flowers face up to say “hello!”
  • Chameleon – Oriental, 44 inches. Likes to “chill” in part to full shade, to join the party late July-August. White flowers have random pink blush; outlined pink. Colored buds face up to make you smile. No speckles.
  • Couplet – LA Hybrid, 40 inches. Unique pink flower, 3 petals are pink with white towards center, other 3 petals are the opposite. Don’t miss this one!
  • Empress – Oriental, 40 inches. Blooming late July to August, this lily thrives in part to full shade. Double white flowers have greenish hearts; upwards facing. No leaf scorch. Large bulbs and great fragrance. Rose-like appearance will wow you!
  • Eyeliner – LA, 48 inches. Pure white flowers have green throats with some speckles just for fun. Petals are outlined in burgundy. Get this beauty while you can!
  • Largo – OT. Reaches the lofty height of 50 inches. Deep antique pink flowers have darker centers and veins. Flowers face up to warmly greet you! Colored buds for extra punch.
  • Lavon – OT, 36 inches. Pale greenish-yellow flowers have large burnt-red blotchy centers, heavily speckled. Splendid and elegant!
  • Lotus Elegance – Oriental, 40 inches. Add this to beautify your shade garden. Pink strawberry ice flowers are outlined in white with white centers and some speckles. A fragrant winner!
  • Lotus Queen – This Oriental Double reaches a “queenly” height of 40 inches. Holds court with pale pink petals with inner ones transitioning to a nearly white. Has a few speckles, just for show! Twelve petals and pollen free. Gorgeous!
  • Menorca – LA, 48 inches. Mellow orange. Light butternut-colored petals are darker towards center, no speckles. Nice!
  • Njoyz (Enjoys) – Asiatic. 40 inches. This star comes out mid-June to mid-July, so place in full sun to watch it shine. Bright pink petals have white blotches in center with long buds. Did we say “pink?”
  • November Rain – AOA. 44 inches. Red Raspberry-purple flower has a dark blotch and dark speckles; Fragrance to fill your yard!
  • Red Eyes – Oriental, 40 inches. Amp up your shade garden from Late July-August. Rich red flowers have white, ruffled edges, many dark red speckles. Beautiful colored buds face up to shine in the sun! Wonderful Fragrance!
  • Redhill – LA, 40 inches. Orange red flowers have darker glow toward centers. This is a new variety!
  • Solution – Oriental, 44 inches. Enjoys part to full shade and rewards you with blooms from late July-August. Large white flowers have light pink edges, deep pink streaks and darker pink veins. Entire petals are covered with burgundy spots. You will want to add this fragrant unique lily to your garden!
  • Spring Romance – Oriental Pot or pixie lily. 18-24 inches. Does well in part to full shade, blooming in mid-June to mid-July. This gorgeous soft pink dwarf lily is great for the front of your flower beds or try growing in a container!
  • Tinilco – Asiatic, 40 inches. Bursts into bloom mid-June to mid-July. Pink with cream-colored centers featuring red markings. Very striking and floriferous!
  • Yellow Brush – LA, yellow. 40 inches. Deep yellow flowers are covered with burgundy speckles, except the tip. Won’t get lost in a crowd!
  • White Brush – LA. Soars skyward to 50 inches tall! Features white petals heavily decorated towards the center with burgundy speckles for a striking appearance. No leaf scorch.
  • Zelmira – OT, 48 inches. Huge peachy pink flowers have darker centers and yellow throats. Large colored buds, no leaf scorch. Showy, fragrant and gorgeous!

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Pot Lilies


Type – Species

Pot Lily – Spring Romance














Type – Species

Asiatic – Tinilco

Asiatic – Njoyz










LA Lilies


Type – Species

LA Lily – Couplet

LA Lily – Eyeliner

LA Lily – Redhill

LA Lily – Yellow Brush

AOA – November Rain

LA Lily – Menorca

LA Lily – White Brush






Type – Species

OT Lily – Budlight

OT Lily – Largo

OT Lily – Lavon

Oriental – Chameleon

Oriental – Empress

Oriental – Lotus Elegance

Oriental – Lotus Queen

Oriental – Red Eyes

Oriental – Solution

Oriental – Zelmira



The Iowa Regional Lily Society (IRLS) encourages members and the public to plant and grow many lilies.  Commercially available bulbs purchased by IRLS are sold twice a year through our Spring and Fall Lily Bulb Sales.   The Spring Bulb Sale is held during the Iowa Home Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds Varied Industries Building approximately the middle of March.  The Fall Bulb Sale is held in October in conjunction with the Fall Symposium at the New Hope United Methodist Church in Des Moines.  Both sales are open to the public.

We order many different varieties of lilies for the sales, and we try to find the biggest and best bulbs that grow well in Iowa and the Midwest.  These lilies are not the same flowers you see in the regular catalogs but a grand assortment of colors, fragrances, sizes, and types of lilies.  Each sale includes some of the newest varieties as well as possibly a few of the older favorite beauties.  Martagons, Asiatics, Orientals, Trumpets, Orienpets, other Interdivisional Hybrid lilies and Species lilies may be available during the sales.

The IRLS will not be taking pre-orders for this sale, or shipping any bulbs. All lily bulbs will be sold at the show. The terms of sale are “first come, first served.” We encourage shoppers to arrive at the Iowa State Fairgrounds early for best selection. All selections are subject to prior sale based on availability, and substitutions may be made available. Our experienced members will be happy to answer all your questions so you will have fantastic blooms! We appreciate your support of the Iowa Regional Lily Society. Hope to see you at the Varied Industries building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds!

Funds raised from the bulb sales are used to educate the public and IRLS members through donations of lily books to libraries, donations of lily bulbs to public gardens, bus tours to lily gardens,  lily presentations to gardening and civic groups, the Fall Symposium speakers and the annual IRLS Lily Show at Reiman Gardens.

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