The Iowa Regional Lily Society hosts an annual Lily Show where members and lily-growers from the midwest bring their blooms to share and compete for prizes and ribbons. There are many categories that lilies are judged on and you can even win multiple categories with the same lily!

IRLS Lily Symposium


The annual lily symposium that the IRLS hosts is a combination event where we have presentations by members of the society as well as a bulb exchange. Our members volunteer to share information about lilies in a presentation format. We usually have several speakers throughout the day, with a catered lunch around noon.

Before and after the presentations, we do a lily bulb exchange where members can exchange or purchase their favorite species of lily so that all members have an opportunity to grow the many varieties.


Every year the Iowa Regional Lily society puts on a Lily Bulb sale where members and lily growers are able to submit a form for lily bulbs that they would like to purchase.

After collecting these order forms, the IRLS purchases these bulbs and delivers the bulbs during the annual symposium, before the first ground frost so that members have an opportunity to plant their newly purchased varieties.

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